E-commerce portal e-komerce.cz changed its owner

Brno, April 19th, 2001: ABC Systems, s.r.o. became the new owner of e-komerce.cz magazine. Total price of the contract was 500 000 CZK.

e-komerce.cz was together with advertising system Mr.Lin(x) the second successful project of Clark NetProject, s. r.o. company. This company was bought by Computer press (www.cpress.cz) in the begin of the year.

"I'm glad that our site e-komerce.cz got a strong owner, who is able to assure good progress and further development of the project. Now there is something about e-komerce.cz for aour visitors to look forward.", said editor-in-chief of e-komerce.cz Mr. Pavel Hrůza.

"The most difficult thing of the deal was to decide whether to publish the price or not. Finally, we decided to publish it, because as we think it is a good signal for all investors to do so. e-komerce.cz is an outstanding project with a great growth potential and it perfectly fits into our investition strategy." said Mr. Emil Čelustka, CEO of ABC Systems.

About e-komerce.cz:

"e-komerce" is the Czech equivalent for the English term "e-commerce". e-komerce.cz is a prestigious free informational e-commerce site. Its team is based on qualified people working for leading Czech or international companies on the e-commerce/e-business field.

The goal of the team is to provide up-to-date and independent information needed for success in the highly dynamic and competitive age of new economy.

The magazine part of the site consists of news, comments, how-to articles, reviews, success stories, interviews etc. Other content includes list of relevant firms and products, information about venture capitalism, e-business jobs, list of relevant events and more. Special attention is paid to European e-commerce specifics.

e-komerce.cz is provided under patronage of the Association For Electronic Commerce (APEK) - the highest Czech e-commerce authority.

Visitors of e-komerce.cz, it is the unique group of people working in the e-business branch, or in e-business sections of companies with other primary focus.

More info: https://e-komerce.cz

About ABC Systems, s.r.o.:
ABC Systems is a Czech Lotus developer focused on web applications based on Lotus Notes/Domino platform.

The company was found in 1995. Since its start, it was focused on providing complete software solutions that included networking and IT systems and internet based applications.

Since 1999, internet applications take the major part of the company's work. The new product portfolio, called RedApps was created. Besides client applications, ABC Systems is running several successful projects, included internet shops and a web based e-commerce magazine.

Among successful projects of ABC Systems belong internet shop spotrebak.cz (https://spotrebak.cz), online memory modules shop pameti.cz (https://pameti.cz), and more.

More information: ABC Systems (https://abcsys.cz)


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