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What is RedSys and who are its users Tisk/Print

Editorial system RedSys is an application, which allows you to effortlessly create and manage WWW pages, without knowledge of HTML. You prepare text in an editor, whose functions and environment are similar to popular Word. You can format text, insert pictures, tables and hyperlinks to other pages. You finish work with spell checking and setting the date and time for the text to appear on the server.

Does it seem to be a fairy tale? No, that’s reality!

The aim of editorial system RedSys is to rid you of the bother of complicated creation of WWW pages and long minutes spent copying them to the FTP server. Focus on the content of your articles and news! RedSys does the web publishing for you!

It doesn’t matter whether you work in a firm that wants to have a lively and interesting WWW presentation or members of a large editorial news server or are just home user, who would like to have his own page and doesn’t want to learn all the incomprehensible terms. For all the above-mentioned groups, RedSys can make life much more easier.

Who are the users of editorial system RedSys?

Firms where information about the company needs to be published frequently and fast
If you are an employee or owner of a company, which needs to operate an active web with frequently updated information as well as current daily price lists or you are unsatisfied with the work of a company, that has so far been preparing your WWW pages, we offer an exclusively comfortable solution!
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Press servers editorials
Large editorial teams need a tool, which will let them comfortably create content. Every press server’s editor-in-chief dreams about applications that would help him to manage and control a team of authors. Moreover, the application provides a wide range of functions, which make ordinary press servers top-quality press servers; we have the optimal solution for you!
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Public service a self-administration
Do you long for your own web page, but don’t have the necessary knowledge of Internet technologies? Do you want a simple, low-priced, exceptionally powerful system? We have just the right solution for you!
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Did you know?
Web content management system RedSys runs also on Linux?
It is not limited by Windows limits ...

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