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RedSys in public service Tisk/Print

Alongside preparations for the Czech republic to become a member of European Union there is more pressure on public service authorities and autonomies to inform citizens on a larger scale. One of highly effective and publicly accessible channels, where this information can be published, is undoubtedly the Internet. Editorial system RedSys can be used as the simplest, most effective and cheapest alternative to provide citizens with access to public information.

The system has a very pleasant interface, which allows the release of articles, public notices, directives, announcements and much more information to staff members of the public service without higher knowledge or experience of computer and Internet technologies. It is similar to standard office software (MS Word, MS Excel etc.), so information can be prepared and published directly on the corresponding Internet server. The system will almost immediately take care of the right placement in the desired category.

For every piece of published information it is possible to set the time of Internet release as well as when to remove it to the archives. The system automatically inserts and removes items according to fixed rules. Therefore, regular, laborious control of up-to-date information releases (due to the great quantity of documents) is no longer necessary. Set terms might be changed as needed and consequently the web content can be adopted in accordance with the needs of the office.

Low acquisition and running costs
Considering that the operation of the RedSys system doesn’t require buying a server, it belongs among the least expensive editorial systems. An important feature of the RedSys system is the possibility of managing documents directly from the environment of freely accessible browsers such as MS Internet Explorer or Netscape Navigator.

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Did you know?
As for the security, RedSys is miles ahead of its competitors?
When looking for a web content management software, don't forget to ask about security...

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