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Price of editorial system RedSysTisk/Print

It is essential to point out the fact that you are not buying ”a box”, but solution made to measure. Therefore, the total purchase cost of the editorial system consists of two parts. The first part is a price of RedSys licence and the second - implementation work. Whereas the price of licence is fixed accurately, the price of implementation is hard to assess The price is established on the basis of a price offer, which will be made, immediately after you have given us an objective and the extent of your requirements. If you need us to evaluate the price exactly, you must be prepared to answer a great many inquisitive questions.

RedSys - licence
50.000 Kč
The editorial system RedSys licence contains:
· the right to use RedSys on 1 public server
· the right to use RedSys on any number of private servers in order to input data
· the right to use RedSys on any number of stations
· the possibility of using all described functions of the including full-text search, list server (RedList Lite), surveys, administration of advertising space (RedAdvert Lite)

Implementation work and services related
Graphic design
Implementation of graphic design
Transfer of existing data to RedSys
Other work and services
Domino hosting
1.400 Kč/hod
800 Kč/hod
800 Kč/hod
800 Kč/hod
800 Kč/hod

Other programme modules
RedAuction - licence
RedClassified - licence
RedDeal - licence
RedList - licence
RedShop - licence
50.000 Kč
50.000 Kč
50.000 Kč
50.000 Kč
50.000 Kč
The above-mentioned applications are necessary to implement according to your specific needs. The price of implementation is identical with the price of editorial system RedSys.

Rental RedSys licence
2.750 Kč/měsíc
We offer a combination of WWW server hosting and licence rental of editorial system Redsys. The customer doesn't pay the price of a licence (50 thousand CZK), but only monthly payments of 2.750 CZK, which are added to the price of hosting. The price of implementation remains the same, but the total cost of purchase of professional editorial systems is reduced.

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Did you know?
Full-text searching is the integral part of the RedSys system?

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