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Speed of information publishing
To have own WWW presentation nowadays means to work closely with professional web page makers, who have adequate knowledge of software and hardware. Providing there are requirements to update information, changes of web pages must be defined in a relatively exact way and subsequently handed over to Internet experts. When an information update is requested, a technical realisation of changes is assessed and then, if possible, an update is conducted. The whole process can last a few hours or even days.

When using the editorial system RedSys, it is you who choose when and how your web presentation will change. The whole process between the request and publishing of a change is reduced literally to minutes. It allows your WWW presentation to have more up-to-date content and to be much more active. Moreover, you do not need to be an expert on Internet technologies to work with this system. If you know how work with a text editor, you will be able to create your own presentation within minutes.

Approval of individual articles
In larger companies every piece of information published on the firm’s server must be approved by certain competent staff members (of marketing, public relations), who may request certain corrections. Information transfer and management of possible corrections are very demanding on coordination and central monitoring of the current state of the document and is practically impossible with a greater number of documents.

RedSys editorial system solves all the problems associated with the whole approval process. Automatic control of a document between participants of the approval process is provided from the creation of the document, during information bulletins about needed changes, to the final publishing of on a WWW page. The system will not publish a document on the server until all competent persons approve it.

Cutting costs
Running and maintaining a professional Internet or intranet application is not for free and if content needs to be frequently updated, operational costs can go considerably high. Everything depends on the amount of work of the web page maker, who changes content and is consequently paid as an expert.

The RedSys editorial system allows the update of web content on the site in the shortest period of time, using one’s own employees, software and hardware. This dramatically cuts all the running costs of the presentation and at the same time guarantees a high standard of quality (however, we are not responsible for quality of content ;-))

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